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Translucent Roofing System

Raylite Translucent Roof is a dry-glazed roofing system of suitable for any new and existing structure. Available with a variety of snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made from polycarbonate or aluminium, the system is cyclonically rated and offers huge resistance against impact.

Microcell polycarbonate panels, concealed clips and snap-on proprietary connectors can be installed onto any steel frame with spacings of up to 2500mm and can easily deal with curves.

Our Skylights not only improve building performance but also create happier, healthier living and working environments. Our goal is to provide architects, contractors and building owners with skylights that illuminate any office, home, school, factory or in fact, any building.

Unique Connection System Offers:

• A concealed fixing system.

• A positive mechanical lock between sheets ensuring impact compliance.

• A system that is 100% watertight.

• Eliminate penetrations through the sheet.

• Fix to purlins or rafters only.

• Free form glazing to suit any structure shape.

• More than 99.9% protection from harmful UV.

• Quick and easy installation.

• UV protection by Co-Extrusion eliminating any chance of delamination.

Main Benefits:

• Withstands very high loads.

• Accommodates expansion & contraction.

• Simple & fast installation.

• Leak-proof.

• High thermal insulation.

• Ideal for curved designs.

• Co extruded or double side UV protection