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Translucent Facade System

Translucent dry glazed systems available in a variety of configurations for various types of structures. They are lightweight and offer excellent weather protection with high impact resistance. Using materials with superior flexibility, transparency, and total qualities compared to glass, delivers the perfect balance of light and thermal dynamics for any translucent facade. The large variety of colors, finishes and special effects provide a dazzling array of creative options for creating the ideal translucent facade. The unique cell structure of translucent facade systems transmits an even diffusion of natural light and generates superior thermal insulation – offering the highest resistance to impact and hail damage.

Superior Quality of Light and Visual Appearance

The Multicell structure transmits an even diffusion of natural light, producing a rich look similar to glass. Specifically designed for architectural daylight applications, the tight spacing between the ribs produces a superior quality of light and aesthetically appealing look, offering a refined alternative to the “green-house look” associated with traditional twin-wall polycarbonate sheets.


Multiecll panels can be produced in any colour to echo the environment and incorporate the building into its surroundings. Our colours choices enables you to perfectly adapt your facades to the effect you desire, both inside and outside. It is available in the colours of your choice for all roofing and Façade systems.

When it comes into contact with light, the polycarbonate produces three-dimensional lighting effects, varying in coloration according to the intensity of light and the perspective of the viewer. We want to stimulate your imagination and inspire your creativity. We have a large number of products with a wide variety of colouring options.